Custom Product Development

PICA Product Development (PPD) is now a wholly owned affiliate of PICA Manufacturing Solutions (PMS). PMS and it’s precursor, PICA Sales and Engineering (PSE), has a 25-year history of helping bring some of the most innovative technology products to the market. These include such products such as hand-held computing, barcode readers, high speed optical networking, smart phones, LED lighting and digital printing products.

Using the combined resources of our Shanghai based purchasing and engineering team and our North American team of Field Program Managers, PICA has helped facilitate product launches and production volumes in excess of 1 million units per week. Our total product sales over 25 years now exceeds $2.5 Billion.

The innovation and design expertise of PPD, now gives us the “concept to realization” capability to drive our own product development. This will include internally conceived and selective externally conceived product ideas.

Our intention is to focus on products that will take advantage of the developing Internet of Things (IoT).

If you would like more information or would like to speak with one of our technical experts please give us a call or email us at:

Toll Free: 1.800.344.4685 | Local: 603.425.1096