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PICA Product Development (PPD) is a US based ISO 9001 registered company specializing in electronic and mechanical custom manufacturing services. While our name may be new as of 2016, our company has been successfully operating for over 30 years. PPD was formerly known as Nel-Tech Labs which was founded in 1984. We are the designer, developer, and manufacturer of the highest quality intelligent scenting systems, music on hold, message on hold, in store messaging and background music equipment worldwide. We also provide loss prevention solutions, systems and technology for one of the largest retail chains in the US.

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It’s one thing to talk innovation – it’s another to back it up. We’ve backed it up for 33 years and counting by designing and manufacturing the most advanced digital music/messaging devices the industry has to offer. All made in the US and backed by our 1-year warranty.

We have been helping businesses for over 10 years fight retail theft. Our products have been utilized in thousands of retail locations with over 50,000 devices deployed in the field. Our loss prevention technologies have saved retailers millions of dollars annually.

With a plethora of services ranging from conceptualization, analysis, detailed engineering, prototyping, testing and manufacturing support. We can take your product from a “cocktail napkin” concept to a fully realized and packaged product that is ready-to-ship to your customer.

Latest News

$4.5 Million Secured by Skyhawk LTE Connected Monitoring Devices

PICA Product Development (PPD), an industry leading manufacturer of intelligent music-on-hold, in-store messaging and loss prevention systems and its affiliate company, PICA Manufacturing Solutions (PMS), a leading manufacturer of Flexible and Rigid…

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Solder Paste Jetting for Flex PCB Assembly

Solder paste jetting overcomes a lot of the solder deposition issues with today’s Flex Circuit Assembly. The amount of shrink associated with Flex Circuits becomes an issue when dealing with 0201 and 0.4mm and below pitch components.  A solder paste…

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The Art Of Team Building: POSITIVE ENERGY

As Director of PICA Manufacturing Asian Operations for over seven years, I’ve had the honor of leading our team to achieve the company’s objectives while staying true to the corporate strategy. So far we’ve exceeded our expectations, not only in…

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