Founded in 1995, the PICA Group is currently comprised of three business units:

PICA Manufacturing Solutions (US and Canada) “PMS”
PICA Manufacturing Solutions China “PMSC”
PICA Product Development “PPD”.

Conceived from a strategic partnership between Richard Shevelow and M-Flex, a small US flex circuit manufacturer, the company began as a sales and engineering firm, PICA Sales and Engineering “PSE”. Proving themselves industry leaders, M-Flex along with PSE rose to become one of the world’s largest flex-circuit assembly manufacturers with multiple operating sites in the US and China.

In 2004, M-Flex became a publicly traded company and Mr. Shevelow took that opportunity to fully acquire PSE. At the time, M-Flex boasted sales of approximately $800M annually, a significant portion of which was through PSE.

In 2007, with resources available through PSE, both PMS and PMSC were formed as wholly owned affiliates of the PICA Group. This permitted PICA to service small to mid- volume corporate customers with technical support and cost-effective volume procurement solutions. At their start, both units focused exclusively on flexible printed circuit assemblies and printed circuit boards, mirroring the product lines of PSE. In the last 10 years, the enterprise has expanded to include sourcing of a wide range of both standard and custom engineered components for various electronic products. With a continuous eye towards innovation, dedicated associates and efficient operations, PMS has assisted customers with launching a wide range of sophisticated electronic products. Some of the most ubiquitous products in existence today, products such as bar code readers, optical communication products, smartphones and various medical devices, have been designed and released with the assistance of PMS.

In 2016. PICA acquired the assets of Nel-Tech Labs and formed PICA Product Development(PPD). With the cutting-edge design and development talents of Nel-Tech, PICA now delivers its own line of products. These talents include low power digital circuitry, wireless, electromechanical, and software platform design. Over the last 18 month the PPD manufacturing location in Derry NH has been upgraded with an experienced operations team and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. This has facilitated both rapid product development using the superior USA engineered quality and innovation of PPD and has enhanced the service capabilities of PMS for its flex circuit assembly customers.

Looking to the near future, the company’s primary design focus is on the Internet of Things, “IoT” products. Various respected research firms estimate the growth rate for IoT related products and services at 20% to 30% annually for the foreseeable future.

We expect to launch our first version of the “SkyHawk” family of products in Summer 2019.

Forbes – Internet of Things Forecast